The snowmobile season is upon us

The snowmobile season is upon us


The snowmobile season is upon us:
the Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec invites snowmobilers to exercise caution.

Terrebonne, December 14 2020– The trail permits pre-sale, ending on December 9, was a success despite the pandemic we are currently experiencing. The commitment of snowmobilers to the activity of snowmobiling is as important as ever. In doing so, you contribute to the sustainability of our trail network and to the industry, which also preserves thousands of jobs in the province. We are grateful to you.

Regions throughout Quebec will soon be in the midst of the next snowmobile season, we already have a few centimeters of snow on the ground in some regions! The wait has been long and we must be patient in order to have beautiful trails. We still need a few important elements before we can fully enjoy snowmobiling. We need for the ground to freeze and be covered with a fair amount of snow to cover the elements that may affect the safety of users. Furthermore, groomers need to get out and make several runs in order to adequately prepare the trails. Enthusiasm should not take precedence over your obligation to exercise caution. The Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec (FCMQ) reminds snowmobilers to exercise caution and awareness, particularly on bodies of water, notably by not riding on trails which have not yet been staked by club volunteers.

Club volunteers are currently hard at work preparing the trails for the coming season. Snowmobilers are thus advised to contact their local club in order to confirm the official opening of their trails. Whether it is via its Web site (, its Facebook page or its iMotoneige mobile app, the FCMQ provides various means for snowmobilers to verify trail conditions throughout the season.

Snowmobiling in times of pandemic

By its very definition, snowmobiling generates travelling, so we must adapt our practice of snowmobiling to the prevailing conditions. Concretely, this will require a prudent and proactive approach when the time comes to plan and execute outings. The FCMQ is aware that the restrictions in place may alter the practice of snowmobiling as we have known it for several years.

We are counting on you to respect all the rules in effect according to the alert pillar of the region in which you are located. We suggest you some precautions to take before leaving your home for your excursions:

  • Make sure that services such as gas stations, restaurants and hotels on your rides are open and that the schedule is appropriate for your itinerary.
  • Stay tuned to your club's communications to validate the opening of shelters you will cross during your travels.
  • Avoid peak hours for your stops to avoid being unable to use the service due to lack of space and limit gatherings in public places.
  • Access to services may be limited, so don't forget to bring your water, snacks, lunch, etc.
  • Same snowmobile users must live at the same address.


iMotoneige : Update available free of charge

The iMotoneige application offers quick and efficient access to maps of all trails in Quebec without having a data plan or cellular signal.

The application's update includes more than 1500 points of service, a superior quality offline background map, the display of distances in miles or kilometers as well as grooming information and trail conditions issued by the FCMQ and participating tourist associations.


You will also find new pictograms such as "View" and "Rest area" that will allow you to discover and admire the most beautiful landscapes of Quebec.


Whether on trails or in the comfort of your own home, the iMotoneige application is the essential application for planning your excursions, discovering a region or visiting incredible tourist attractions by snowmobile!

 iMotoneige, it's your next destination !!!

 * Grooming, informs you when trails have last been groomed, while the trail conditions take into account many other aspects such as snowfall, ice, traffic, etc.

Events planned for January 2021

FCMQ's club supervisors and federated supervisors will jointly intervene on the trails on January 16 and 17, 2021 as part of the FCMQ's "Open House on Snowmobile Trails" and from January 16 to 24, 2021 as part of "International Snowmobile Safety Week". The FCMQ and its safety partners will be on the trails to provide advice on good safety practices.

Be responsible for your safety!

Year after year, the FCMQ makes trail safety a priority and we are continuing our messages with the new campaign "Make the right choice". »

Slowing down on trails, stopping at road crossings, keeping to the right, staying on marked trails... a lot of important information to respect on good safety practices is available to snowmobilers on the FCMQ website (

About the FCMQ

The Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec is a non-profit organization with over forty-four years of service. It is dedicated to the development and promotion of the safe practice of snowmobiling throughout Quebec. The FCMQ defends the interests of its 198 member clubs and their 100,000 snowmobiling members, as well as those of all people, whether they are initiated or not to snowmobiling or simply tourists. More than 4,500 volunteers devote nearly 800,000 hours each year to maintaining the provincial snowmobile trail network.



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