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Liability insurance

The Act respecting off-highway vehicles stipulates that, as the owner of a snowmobile, you are required by law to have a civil liability insurance policy covering bodily injury or property damage your vehicle might cause to other people. This policy must provide at least $1,000,000 of coverage. This liability insurance is mandatory for all snowmobile drivers, whether or not they use the trail network.

As official insurer of the FCMQ, Intact Insurance offers liability insurance at a preferred rate EXCLUSIVELY FOR FCMQ MEMBERS! When you buy your snowmobile trail permit, you become a FCMQ member and you may also purchase $1,000,000 in civil liability insurance coverage.

By offering this insurance with the trail permit, the FCMQ makes sure every member is protected in case of an accident, at a very low price because of the size of the network. In fact, the liability insurance costs only $37.49, tax included, and this amount is included in the cost of your annual trail permit.

Compare this with what your insurance company offers, and make sure the amount they are quoting is for a $1,000,000 insurance policy, not a second layer of $1,000,000 added to an existing $1,000,000 coverage to bring your total protection to $2,000,000.

Get $2 million in liability insurance at a very affordable price

Would you like even more protection? If you are a Quebec resident, you can increase the limit of your Intact Insurance liability insurance policy to $2,000,000, for an additional premium of only $22.00, tax included.

In total, your $2,000,000 of coverage will cost you only $59.49, tax included, which compares very favourably with other offers on the market.

YES, I want to increase my liability insurance to $2,000,000

For more information...

Would you like to know more about the liability coverage from Intact Insurance offered with the FCMQ trail permit? When you buy your permit, you receive a Summary that contains all the basic information. The Quebec Automobile Insurance Policy Form has full details of the coverages described in the Summary. Follow the links to view these documents!


Quebec Automobile Insurance Policy Form

Frequently Asked Questions – Intact Insurance

Would you like a paper copy of your insurance documents? Simply call 1-844-223-4156.

Liability insurance reimbursement

If you think you can find liability insurance coverage at a better price elsewhere, or if you already have liability insurance for your snowmobile, you can buy a trail permit without insurance. Find out more by visiting Trail permit – Information.

If you’ve already purchased your trail permit and wish to cancel the liability insurance included with it, you can request a refund by filling out this form.

Eligible reimbursement :

Annual, annual antique, rental: If your notice is received within 10 days after the effective date of the insurance: full refund. If your notice is received more than 10 days after the effective date of the insurance: partial refund according to the Cancellation Table attached to your Q.P.F. No. 1 insurance policy.

1 day, 3 days, 7 days: If your notice is received before the effective date of the insurance: full refund. If your notice is received after the effective date of the insurance: no refund.

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