Mission and values

Mission and values

The Vision of the FCMQ 

To be the essential reference for snowmobiling.


The Mission of the FCMQ as follows

The Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the development and promotion of snowmobiling.


The values of our Federation:

  • Safety
  • Passion
  • Implication (volunteers)
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork

The FCMQ is available to its members in order to support them and to encourage them in their activities:

  • Management of financial assistance programs
  • Enforcement of acts and regulations
  • Links with partners
  • Communication services
  • Management of trail permits

The FCMQ assures the update and distribution of the following documents:

  • Trail map
  • FCMQ service guide
  • Secure hotels guide
  • Motoneige Québec magazine
  • Online information service


“By and for the members”

The FCMQ is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of thirteen volunteers. Several members are active volunteers reporting to the Federation. In fact, 4,500 people dedicate roughly 800,000 hours per year to maintaining the trails network.

The FCMQ has various categories of members:

Active members are comprised of snowmobile clubs which have met the admissibility requirements and whose request for membership has been duly accepted by the FCMQ Board of directors. They are entitled to attend FCMQ member meetings as well as their regional club assemblies. They have the right to vote via their designated representatives, whose numbers vary from two to four according to respective membership numbers.

Individual members are registered owners of a licensed snowmobile in Quebec, to whom the active members of the FCMQ have emitted an annual trail permit, as per its by-laws.

Associate members are commercial entities which trade in the snowmobile industry, and associations or organisations with an interest in snowmobiling and whose request has been accepted by the executive committee of the FCMQ and who have paid their annual membership fees. Associate members are entitled to attend FCMQ member assemblies but are not allowed to vote and their representatives are not eligible to act as officers or directors of the Corporation.

Honorary members are the physical or moral persons that have been recognized by the executive committee for their contribution to the FCMQ. They have no annual fees to pay. They are entitled to attend FCMQ member assemblies but are not allowed to vote. Individual honorary members and representatives of honorary members who are moral persons are not eligible to act as officers or directors of the Corporation.

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