Trail safety, a priority!

Trail safety, a priority!

The FCMQ has chosen to make trail safety a priority!

The FCMQ’s actions are as follows:

  • The signage activities and special services: Priority is given to the updating and implementation of efficient signage;
  • The provision of publications allowing to better plan excursions in all safety;
  • The organization of the Open House Event;
  • The presence of provincial trail wardens: Volunteers reporting directly to the FCMQ work closely with police forces and local trail wardens to visit local clubs and patrol trails. These individuals are provided with snowmobiles clearly identified with the project and equipped with flashing lights;
  • Recommendations regarding the minimum ice thicknesses required:


The current situation forces us to review our trail interception procedures. The health of our volunteers as well as the health of our members is our priority.

In order to ensure the safety and security of all, a distance of 2 meters must be respected at all times. Interceptions on trails must be done without any contact with the personal documents of snowmobilers.

Trail wardens will ask you to present your documents and, if necessary, a photo of the trail permit could be taken.

On trails, I respect safety! Trail wardens are more than 1200 volunteers dedicated to your safety!



Are you thinking about snowmobiling in Quebec? 

Did you know that the laws in the province of Quebec differ from other regions?

In fact, if you plan to come and visit the beautiful landscapes of Quebec, you will have to make sure you respect the ORV law.

  • If riding on FCMQ trails, one must have proof pf purchase of a valid trail permit. 
  • One rear-view mirror firmly attached to the left side of the vehicle (vehicle built after January 1, 1998.)
  • Every operator of an off-highway vehicle must possess a valid driver's licence. 
  • If the operator is a minor, (16 or 17 years old) he must hold a certificate obtained from an officer authorized by the Government and that attests that the operator has the competence and knowledge required to operate an off-highway vehicle in addition of holding a driver's licence. 
  • The owner of any off-highway vehicle shall hold a civil liability insurance contract in an amount of not less than $1 000 000 that covers bodily injury and property damage caused by the vehicle.
  • The driver of an Off-Highway Vehicle must have the vehicle registration certificate with him or her.


(3)  an off-highway vehicle used exclusively in activities held in compliance with standards prescribed in a regulation made or approved by the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports under the Act respecting safety in sports (chapter S3.1) and, in the cases provided for by regulation, an off-highway vehicle to which the Act respecting off-highway vehicles (chapter V‐1.3) applies and a recreation vehicle

1 Highway Safety Code

Important: If you are a resident of Quebec, the license plate must be attached to the rear or left outer vertical surface of the track tunnel, as close as possible to the rear of the snowmobile.