Interactive trail map

Interactive trail map

You may consult the interactive snowmobile trail map by clicking on the map image :


Refer to the trail conditions to validate whether the trails are open, closed or their general state they are in and thus plan your trips properly.

Click on the ❄ icon at the top right to view it.

Good planning!

Guide of the interactive trail map and iMotoneige


The interactive map is online. We invite you to consult this user-friendly map, and to test the distance calculation tool. Happy browsing!

You can send your comments on the interactive map at to help improve this new tool.

The interactive map work well with the web browsers Chrome and Edge. Internet Explorer is no more supported. It's always recommended to use the latest version of the web browsers.


Definition of types of trails

  • Trans-Québec Trail: This trail has the characteristic to cross a minimum of three administrative regions of the FCMQ also considering as a border for a Province or a State.
  • Regional Trail: This trail has the characteristic to cross 3 municipal entities or 2 MRC considering as an entity a border for a Province or a State.
  • Local Trail: This trail has the characteristic to provide an access to a service or to be a collector trail of the Trans-Québec trail or regional trails. There is no numbering determined by the FCMQ for this type of trail.

How to advertise on the interactive trail map and the iMotoneige application

Are you interested in the snowmobiling clients?

You are not advertising on the interactive trail map or the iMotoneige application, but you would like to be there?

Register with your regional tourism association or contact FCMQ customer service and your business will be displayed on the interactive trail map and on the iMotoneige application*.

Consult the types of businesses eligible by verifying the map services legend.

*Some conditions apply.

Note that if you wish to sign up for the Hotel sécuritaire package, please contact Valérie Ménard by phone at 438 777-7036  or via e-mail at

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