Snowmobile rental

Snowmobile rental

Did you know that the rental of a snowmobile between two parties in exchange for goods, services or money is subject to certain restrictions? 

In fact, a snowmobile with an annual trail permit cannot be rented to a third party.  The FCMQ would like to remind you that any organization or individual wishing to rent a snowmobile must obtain a rental trail permit, please contact the person in charge at the FCMQ:

Also, snowmobile rental companies are subject to specific rules under the Act respecting off highway vehicles.

** In the event that the snowmobile is rented in violation of the regulations and is involved in an accident, the insurer would be entitled to deny coverage for civil liability and property damage to the snowmobile. With respect to the liability insurance included in the sale of trail permits, we wish to bring to your attention the wording of section 6.1 of the Insurance Summary provided by the insurer at the time of purchase of your trail permit.

6.1 Excluded or prohibited uses of the insured snowmobile

 Q.P.F. No 1, Section A, art. 5  Q.P.F. No 1, General conditions, art. 7

 We will not cover losses that occur in the following situations:

- The insured snowmobile is carrying explosives;
The insured snowmobile is leased to another person, unless you have specifically obtained civil liability insurance from Intact Insurance with a trail pass for rented snowmobiles.

 In this regard, the FCMQ strongly recommends that you check this aspect with your broker or insurer. 

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