Snowmobiling and environment

Snowmobiling and environment

Sustainable development

Our vision: “Sustainable snowmobiling is an activity which takes place in conditions which take into account, in a responsible manner, the environment, the local population and the individual snowmobiler” .

Towards sustainable snowmobiling

As a privileged actor in the development of snowmobiling, the Federation is conscious of its key role in the evolution of mindsets favourable to sustainable snowmobiling. It is precisely in this spirit that the Federation adopted its first Sustainable snowmobiling action plan. This first triennial action plan represents a firm engagement in the adoption of sustainable development principles and its contribution towards the Quebec government`s strategy. The action plan, issued following a structured consultation, identifies a series of actions to put in place to help attain 7 grand objectives:
  1. Mobilise clubs and their members to become fully involved in sustainable development.
  2. Encourage research into green technologies and facilitate their adoption.
  3. Integrate sustainable development into the heart of communications strategies.
  4. Ensure sustainable management practices for trails via the establishment of an environmental protocol to be used during the planning of FCMQ trails, the process carried out in a consultation with various affected stakeholders.
  5. Manage and reduce the environmental footprint of the federation during its activities.
  6. Establish a concerted and preventive approach to snowmobile trail management, so as to attenuate and manage those factors having potential health effects.
  7. Empower and sensitize snowmobilers to adopt responsible and respectful behaviours.

Download the Snowmobile trail management and maintenance guide (French only)

Download the Sustainable snowmobile trail environmental assessment guide (French only)