Vehicles admitted on FCMQ trails

Vehicles admitted on FCMQ trails

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Vehicles admitted on FCMQ trails


Terrebonne, November 21st - The matter of the type(s) of vehicle(s) permitted on the trails of the Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec (FCMQ) has raised many questions among our members, particularly with the arrival of new motorized winter vehicles, not to mention vehicles equipped with adaptation kits making them usable in winter. With this in mind, the FCMQ is keen to inform enthusiasts of these vehicles and to ensure the safety of its members when they are out on the trails.

First of all, it is important to note that the Act respecting off highway vehicles (AROHV), the legal framework for snowmobiling in Quebec, grants the authority, under section 71, to impose restrictions and conditions on the types of vehicles authorised to use the trails. To ensure everyone's safety, the Federation has chosen to restrict its authorisation to use federated trails to vehicles bearing the black and white Snowmobile Safety and Certification Committee (SSCC) certification label, which is generally affixed to the right tunnel of the vehicle. As a result, snowbikes (off-road motorcycles fitted with an adaptation kit (e.g. Timbersled)) are not admitted, nor are Widescapes. In order to respect this restriction, the FCMQ has chosen not to issue trail permits for these types of vehicle.

In closing, the FCMQ would like to remind you that, to use the trails, snowmobilers must obtain a trail permit at

About the FCMQ

The Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec is a non-profit organization with over forty-nine years of service. It is dedicated to the development and promotion of safe snowmobiling throughout Quebec. The FCMQ defends the interests of its members and all those involved in snowmobiling. Every year, more than 4,500 volunteers devote nearly 800,000 hours to maintaining the province's network of snowmobile trails.

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