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The interactive trail map

The 2014-2015 interactive map is now online.

We invite you to consult this user-friendly map, and to test the distance calculation tool.  Happy browsing!

 Guide to interactive map

You can send your comments on the interactive map  at 
to help improve this new tool.



The interactive map is not compatible with older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. You need to have at least version 10 to be able to use the map. Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers work well.



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You can also download a PDF version of the 14-15 trail map:

FRONT (10,2 Mb)

BACK (9,1 Mb)

Definition of type of trails




- Trans-Québec Trail: This trail has the characteristic to cross a minimum of three administrative regions of the FCMQ also considering as a frontier of a Province or a State.

- Regional Trail: This trail has the characteristic to cross 3 municipal entities or 2 MRC considering as an entity a frontier of a Province or a State.

- Local Trail: This trail has the characteristic to provide an access to a service or to be a collector trail of the Trans-Québec trail or regional trails. There are no numbering determined by the FCMQ for this type of trail.

- Local non-subsidized Trail: This local trail is recognized by the FCMQ but is not subsidized.

- Private Trail: This trail is not recognized by the FCMQ and is not maintained by a snowmobile club affiliated to the FCMQ.

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