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Riding your sled on railroad tracks is illegal. Every year, snowmobilers collide with or are dragged by a train. Be careful and keep to the marked trails!

Every snowmobile built after January 1, 1998, must be equipped with a left-hand rearview mirror firmly attached to the vehicle. (L.R.Q. c. V-1.2, a.2).

It costs almost $2,000 per kilometre to lay out a new trail. Therefore, please respect private property.

The best safety measure is for everybody to remain vigilant. The top speed when driving a snowmobile is the one that allows perfect control of the vehicle in all circumstances, all the while maintaining a speed within the legal limit of 70 km/h!

In order to enjoy a snowmobile ride, it is important to dress appropriately. It is preferable to wear several layers of clothing rather than just one. You will then be able to remove or add layers as the day progresses and the temperature changes.

The total annual economic spin-offs of snowmobile activities in Québec amounts to $2 billion.

The snowmobile headlight must be white, under pain of a fine of $100 + fees. (L.R.Q. c. V-1.2, a.1).

Before going out on a ride, it is important that you make a thorough inspection of your snowmobile. It takes just a few minutes to check it out and avoid a lot of hassle.

Frostbite is a skin injury like a burn. If it happens to you, place cold water compresses or the palm of your hand on the skin, but without rubbing or massaging. Avoid sources of heat.

Seating a passenger in front of the driver is prohibited. The passenger must be seated behind the driver, facing the front, his feet resting on the footrests. (L.R.Q. c. V-1.2, r.1.1, a.10).

Québec has over 32,000 kilometres of groomed and marked trails, that is to say, more than the total number of kilometres of paved roads under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transport.

Snowmobile accidents often occur in the evening, the darkness reducing visibility and making identification of possible dangers more difficult. Slow down, wear warm clothing with reflective strips, and carry extra spark plugs and a spare belt. Never travel alone, and share your itinerary with your friends and family, even if you are not travelling far.

Carrying more passengers on a sled than the load limit indicated by the manufacturer is prohibited. Besides breaking the law, you are endangering the lives of your loved ones. (L.R.Q. c. V-1.2, a.21).

Removing any manufacturer-installed equipment necessary for the operation of an off-road vehicle, of a sled, or of a trailer is prohibited. Also prohibited is any other modification of the vehicle likely to reduce its stability or its braking power, or to increase its acceleration power or the likelihood of increasing noise or hydrocarbon emissions into the environment. (L.R.Q. c. V-1.2, a.6).

The FCMQ groups over 80,000 members in its 201 clubs. Roughly 4,000 volunteers are involved in the management of the clubs and of the trail network.

Only snowmobiles and maintenance vehicles may travel on a designated trail. (L.R.Q. c. V-1.2, a.33). For their own safety, and to avoid a fine, skiers and hikers are asked to keep off the trails.

Often, accidents occur in the evening. Do not travel faster than the reach of your headlights and maintain the safe braking distance established for your sled.

It is prohibited to drive at more than 30 km/h on trails located less than 30 metres from a dwelling, even if no sign indicates the speed limit. (L.R.Q. c. V-1.2, r.1.1, a.1).

Crossing a public road on a snowmobile is permitted only at the locations provided for off-road vehicles, and clearly indicated by a road sign. (L.R.Q. c. V-1.2, a.11).

Over 400 groomers are in operation to maintain Québec’s network of snowmobile trails. Although these vehicles travel more often in the evening and at night, it can happen that you come across them in the daytime. Remain cautious on the trails. Keep to the right at all times, and reduce your speed wherever visibility is limited or whenever you approach a curve. This way, you will have the time needed to react if you ever encounter a groomer at work.

The minimal age for driving a snowmobile is set at 16 years. Moreover, operators under 18 must hold a certificate of competence issued by the ConduiPro driving schools. (L.R.Q. c. V-1.2, a.18).

Safe snowmobiling takes place on marked trails, laid out according to strict standards of visibility at highway crossings and wherever signs warn of dangers ahead.

Two thirds of fatal snowmobile accidents occur off the marked trails. For your own safety and that of others, become a member of your local club, travel on the trails, and adjust your driving to suit weather conditions.

The maximum speed permitted is 70 km/h. (L.R.Q. c. V-1.2, a.27). Heavy fines are imposed for exceeding the speed limit. However, no demerit points are applied to the driver’s record.

The trail supervisors are volunteers trained by the FCMQ. Their task, often thankless but necessary, is vital for the maintenance and respect of safety regulations on our trails. The next time you have to stop and identify yourself to one of these agents, take a moment to thank them for their valuable presence on the trails. After all, that’s their only pay!

The owner of each off-road vehicle must hold a civil liability insurance policy of at least $500,000, guaranteeing compensation for material damage or bodily harm caused by the vehicle. (L.R.Q. c. V-1.2, a.19).

The total annual economic spin-offs of snowmobile activities in Québec amounts to over $1.5 billion.
The snowmobile headlight must be white, under pain of a fine of $100 + fees. (L.R.Q. c. V-1.2, a.1).


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